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Sportsnow is a full-service agency for athletes and trainers in every type of sport. Our consulting services for sports, law, finances and marketing are carefully designed for the athletes and trainers we advise, who benefit from their trusting, long-term and ongoing collaboration with Sportsnow.

Our partnership with our customers is based on professional, client-tailored career consulting that is appropriate for the situation and future-oriented. We think outside the proverbial box. The athletic and personal development of the players and trainers we serve is our top priority.

As a licensed attorney, company owner Dr. Matthias Zick is a strong, competent partner when it comes to designing and negotiating customized employment contracts and endorsement deals as well as other contractual documents. Not least thanks to his excellent network, clients benefit from his experience as a sports lawyer and player consultant, especially for issues like switching clubs, acquiring marketing partners, financial management, and career planning after the end of a player’s athletic career.

Are you concerned about the challenges of your athletic career?

Then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Matthias Zick
Attorney and Player Consultant

Kanzlerweg 7
75223 Niefern-Öschelbronn
T 07233/68721-24
F 07233/68721-25
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